Plant Bacteriology

Plant Biotechnology is a branch of bacteriology that arrangements with life forms related with pathogenic for plants.This microorganisms causes a little extent of plant infections, this does not imply that these ailments are irrelevant. Other biotic operators embroiled in plant sicknesses are organisms, infections and nematodes, abiotic variables may likewise deliver maladies like side effects. Pathogenic tests should be possible for the avoidance of infection. There are 1,700 fortune associations universally with in excess of 1200 premium investigations in multi year with a decent statistical surveying firm overall every year.

  • Epidemiology of bacterial diseases
  • Characterization, identification
  • Beneficial Plant-bacterial Interactions
  • Re-isolation
  • Gamma Proteobacterial Phytopathogens and Beneficials
  • Alpha and beta Proteobacterial phytopathogens and beneficials
  • Virulence and host defense